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Fresh Kills (2008)

by Bill Loehfelm(Favorite Author)
3.18 of 5 Votes: 5
0399155317 (ISBN13: 9780399155314)
Putnam Adult
review 1: Poor effort. This book is billed as a thriller, but it's not. It's a terrible book! The author spends way too much time giving back story about the main character's abusive father and stories about how horrible the father was. Then the main character drinks, swears and smokes, musing about his crappy life. Virtually nothing about discovering who killed the father and why. In the last few pages we find out the murder was a case of mistaken identity. That's just a way of wrapping things up when you didn't know how to end the story. I have no idea why this won Amazon's breakout novel award...
review 2: Looked interesting when I was looking for books at the library to take on vacation. Not the psychological page turner I thought it would be. A drunken, ra
... morege filled man finds out that his father, a drunken, rage filled man who physically abused him, was murdered. Conflicted about how to feel, he turns to - surprise - drink and rage until he decides to overcome his hate and anger. It got tiresome, but the characters were pretty well drawn. less
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Good. Could have been great at 50 fewer pages. Too much "inside his head" round and round.
This is an excellent psychological novel. Hope he writes more.
An engaging twist on a noir rohue citizen detective novel.
Didn't care about any of these people. Couldn't go on.
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