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The Best Way: El Camino De Santiago (2011)

by Bill Walker(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 2
1467960225 (ISBN13: 9781467960229)
review 1: This is the second book I read by Bill Walker and I enjoyed it even more than the first. I read his book about hiking the Applachian Trail and afterwards wanted to go on a hike - no small feat if you ask my friends. But I enjoyed this book immensely because of the different cultures that Bill and his nephew experienced on the trail. His descriptions of interacting with different people and trying to find a language to use to communicate with them were entertaining. His interactions with Gavin and descriptions of the differences between them were enjoyable. I had the privilege of seeing several churches that are part of the Santiago pilgramage and it was nice to read about other churches and cities they encountered along the way. All in all - an easy, educational, and... more very enjoyable read.
review 2: Bill Walker and his nephew walked the Camino de Santiago in 2010, one of the Camino's "holy years" (years when the feast of St. James falls on a Sunday). This is Bill's account of their adventures. Although some of the reviews I read of this book accuse him of using the walkers as a dating pool, my impression is that his line about using the walk to meet divorcees, was just that, a line. In reality his observations of his own reaction to the experience were well thought out. I wouldn't want this to be the only book I read about the Camino, but it was a good one to add to the ones I've already read. less
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I'm very inspired to walk the camino...as soon as my foot heals, it's summer, and I have the money.
Fans of Skywalker's previous adventures won't want to miss this chapter of his journey.
Enjoyable mix of history and adventure telling
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