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A Spoonful Of Sugar: A Nanny's Story (2013)

by Brenda Ashford(Favorite Author)
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0385536410 (ISBN13: 9780385536417)
review 1: To get a book published when you are 91 years is quite something . The book is a bit sugary like the title but the memoirs of looking after East End London evacuees during the war is inspirational. It really brought it home what it was like to live through those times and the lives the poor endured at that time . Maybe it was the war but people seemed very cruel to children. There is cruelty to children today but at least we have laws to try and protect them at basic levels such as health , hygiene , neglect and regarding adoption and fostering. Brenda is so right about the fact that if the mother is happy then the family is a happy stable one. What an amazing lady !
review 2: I listened to this book read by Jean Gilpin, who has a lovely British accent. Brend
... morea Ashford seems like a pleasant, likeable person. This is her memoir of her life as a nanny. I'd never heard of Norland nannies before. It was interesting to learn about the eclectic training provided by the institute. Brenda Ashford graduated around the beginning of WWII. Hearing about her experiences during this time was fascinating. It was a view of WWII I never got from the text books in high school. The stories Ms Ashford tells about her charges are entertaining and endearing. I wish she had included more about the children she cared for later in her career. She includes childcare tips, "Nanny's Wisdom", nursery rhymes, and recipes. I loved this book. It could have been twice as long and I would have wanted to read more. less
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Wonderful. A magical tale of childcare, history, and love.
A long life in service of everybody .
Okay, but...a little cloying.
refreshing autobiography
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