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The Breakup (2012)

by Brenda Grate(Favorite Author)
3.14 of 5 Votes: 4
Imagine Press
review 1: Oh my, how bad this was. Aja gets beaten up by her abusive ex and after a few days, he sends a hitman after her. Since he is such an a**hole, the hitman hates him, and spares her life. Could happen, right? Hitman with conscience?She then fleds the country, without telling anyone about the hitman or her leaving and goes to Italy. Of course, Euros are way too exciting for her and she has no idea how to use them. She stays in Rome for a few days and leaves it to go to Siena. In Siena she decides it's time for her to grow up and get a job. Since she's never had one. At age 25. And she keeps on telling how she's not spoiled... How is that possible, if your daddy pays for everything? She of course gets the first job she applies to (at a wineyard), no matter she has no experience... more what so ever. There are two guys in the story already, Pietro and Marco who both seem to think they can do whatever they wish with Aja and she just goes with it. It really doesn't seem to bother her to be kissing them both even if she makes a scene after each event. Somehow her ex finds her; how, it's never revealed. Of course she uses her credit card to call home (rookie mistake, anyone??). The ex just loiters around and warns the new guys about her, since she almost cut his penis off during their last fight.There's a bit of scaring the ex, which doesn' work and after just a week at most, Marco asks her to marry him. Because they are so much in love after 2 kisses and 3 discussions. Yeah. Right.The ex then sets the wineyard on fire, kills Marco's mom (it wasn't quite clear whether he really killed her or if it was the fire?? She's just dead all of a sudden), tries to kill Aja and dies trying. Happy couple then mourns for a while and decides to move back to Canada. Or Marco does, Aja just follows him because she can't make one original decision to save her life. The writing itself was ok, not many mistakes I could find, but the story was just bad. It had some potential, but would have needed a lot more work. The characters were annoying most of the time and the lovestory was just unbeliveable. So this one was definately not for me.
review 2: This is one of those books where a good story goes way wrong. There was so much potential here and it just fell flat. Really, really, really flat. You get a story of an adult female who feels as though she is coddled by her family and they won't allow her to stand on her own 2 feet. She is the victim of an attack from a boyfriend where she ends up in a precarious situation with the ex. So, this girl decides to flee to Italy and become self sufficient. She proceeds to flee, meet a guy, get a job, meet a second guy, fall in love, and get engaged while still having the crazy ex around in a manner of weeks. I.KID.YOU.NOT. She is anything but independent and trying to stand on her own feet. There is absolutely no development when it comes to the character (she doesn't grow, she doesn't become independent or self reliant, nope, she just falls for a man and follows his dream). The man in question, you know nothing about him. How do you write a love story when the Hero of the story is in maybe a handful of scenes and there is nothing except for 2 kisses, 1 conversation, and a blow up fight after the hero decides to be the good guy and walk away before they end up having sex (after maybe the 3rd time they have ever talked)? That's right, you don't. I learned more about some of the supporting characters (Mia, Mother, Father, Orlando, hell even Juli and Peitro) than I did the supposed hero (Marco) of this story. The ending flew up and crashed and burned. I couldn't believe I was at the end of the book and the way Stephan is handled just left me laughing. Which is sad, cause it was a serious part of the book and not really laughing material, but it was so unexpected and just didn't fit (although, maybe it did - I really have no idea what Marco is like). Anyway, I think this book needs an overhaul. It needs more focus, a bit more attention to detail and development, and maybe a real love story written between the hero and heroine. less
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The concept is funny (really, she cuts off his penis!?) but the story is just okay. Nothing great.
Fast read. a little choppy and sometimes hard to follow . But I liked the characters.
Good beach read. Cute characters, beautiful setting.
Amazon (ebook) freebie 1/23/13
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