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Saga #2 (2012)

by Brian K. Vaughan(Favorite Author)
4.52 of 5 Votes: 3
Image Comics
review 1: this series is completely charming, visually powerful, and very original. based on an idea Vaughan had in high school, for a contemporized Romeo and Juliet saga set in an intergalactic war. the concept was to realize a series that specifically could not be filmed, because you can do stuff on paper you can't do in live-action. the dialogue is wonderful, the structure is beautifully tight, the illustrations are amazing, the story and the characters engaging: and there's nothing else like it in comics.
review 2: Even though I've already seen the responses by the time I am writing this the 2012 survey is a classic. I wish I could go back in time and have caught this one myself in the beginning. What was I doing a little over a year ago from now? Oh.. Hmm.. Let's no
... moret actually bring that up. Sadface.Also do all freelancers have "The" for titles? It seems just interesting enough that I wanna state here that I will now only be referred to as... The Big? No. Too porno. The Black. Nope! The Tree? Too... no wait. The... damn, going to have to come back to this one. less
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I may just have nightmares about The Stalk...bitch is creepy!
The stalk freaked me out but in a good way. Wow, just wow.
I've been reading this in issues, not trades...
Is Marko really dead? I'm gonna starting crying
NOT LONG ENOUGH. I want more.
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