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Naked Came The Leaf Peeper (2011)

by Brian Lee Knopp(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 3
0965865770 (ISBN13: 9780965865777)
Burning Bush Press of Asheville
review 1: This book was a fun read for me because my husband lived for many years in Western North Carolina, and I am familiar with most of settings in the book. In fact, I purchased the book at Malaprop's Bookstore in Asheville. Love that place! Anyway, because the book is a collaborative serial novel, there were some chapters I liked more than others. I enjoyed most of the humor ( and there was a lot ), but some of it was way too silly for my taste.
review 2: Familiarity with the bfe roads, cities & towns, and the capacity for an all-out Asheville cultural meltdown made this book highly enjoyable. I spent a good deal of time marveling at the chapter for chapter concept of tag team authorship, especially when a later author took up an obscure or neglected detail from a
... more previous chapter. The last chapter ended the narrative with an absurdist twist that, although entertaining, left me a little disappointed and may have knocked off a star or two from my rating. less
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A little clunky at times but a must read for anyone that's lived or visited Western NC.
A ridiculously fun romp through western North Carolina!
Underwhelming and uneven.
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