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To Wander The Labyrinth (2012)

by Brian Peters(Favorite Author)
3.15 of 5 Votes: 2
AASP Press
review 1: This book was won in a Goodreads Giveaway, so I feel compelled to review it - but I have to admit it was not one of my favorites. It was well written, with an interesting take on the characters and all that (the "hero" was a guy you hate: a drug adict, an alcoholic, a dead-beat dad, and a torturer - while the "bad guy" was a girl you immediately feel sorry for, and like) but it just didn't do anything for me. I did like the publisher's choice in medium: the book had an interesting feel to it, with type font that really stood out among all the other books I've read.
review 2: To Wander the Labyrinth in a very easy, succinct read. I received it in a Goodreads giveaway and was please to find a signed copy and nice thank-you note from the author. In the grand schem
... moree of things, the book was an entertaining but underwhelming read. I liked the overall tone of the story and the plot was intense and full of intrigue but there were some key elements lacking that could have made this into a very fascinating read. The writing style had a very staccato rhythm to it and had very little depth - only giving the necessary information rather than developing the characters, plot and setting. This was disappointing because I think if more time was taken to complete these details, I would have enjoyed the book quite a bit. less
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It was a good quick read. Interesting twist with the main character....Surprising end.
Great Action! It is also a quick read. I would definitely recommend this book.
Pretty good book. It was well written and a quick read. Worth picking up .
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