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Hold Us Close (2000)

by Caisey Quinn(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: I actually don't really recall any of Landen's anger issues being so serious in the first book. I know he got into a fight with his dad and skylar but other then that there really wasn't any other other sign I recall. Am I the only one who picked that up? Anyways this was a short and sweet some up of Landen's and Layla's story. I'm glad she ended up giving birth safely and surviving the hematoma surgery.I really enjoyed this story. It was light to read and I couldn't put it down!
review 2: Perhaps some slight spoilers.Genre: contemporary romanceCharacters: Landen, star soccer player, suffering from anger issues because of his abusive childhood. Layla, who is determined to love him no matter what.Style: alternating POV's. My thoughts: I wanted to like this
... more story. I wanted to enjoy the continuation of their love story. I wanted to be happy that they were having a baby. But instead, I found myself not liking Landen's character. While I found myself sympathetic to his history, I couldn't agree with his behaviors. And when he kept apologizing, I just kept thinking that it was the beginning of an abusive relationship, which is not at all where I wanted their love to head. Sure, it ends on a more upbeat note. And I think it reflects what perhaps dealing with real-life anger issues can be. But I guess I wanted to escape from reality in a happy, rooting-for-their-love type of way, and not be thinking that she should probably be leaving him for her and the baby's safety. less
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the finale. I liked how everything wrapped up and I liked getting more of the backstory on Landon.
I don't know what happened. The story went from normal to what-the-frack-is-happening.
I liked the novel, and the prequel, but it didn't like this one very much.
touching story, love can heal many things
beautiful story loved it.
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