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Dogfight: The 2012 Presidential Campaign In Verse (2012)

by Calvin Trillin(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 4
0812993683 (ISBN13: 9780812993684)
Random House
review 1: Mr Trillin's poetry may not be of the highest order, but he uses it to good effect to tell the story of the Campaign of 2012 from a mostly liberal point of view. Quite frankly, most of the political actions and shenanigans were on the Republican side, and Mr. Trillin turns much of it to humorous use. As Shakespeare, might say, "What fools these mortals be". If you have allowed the extended Republican campaign--Pawlenty, Bachman, Cain, Perry, Gingrich and Santorum--to slip from memory, Trillin will gently remind you why we ended up with Mitt as the standard bearer of the GOP. Obama makes a belated appearance to win the presidency again, but you may agree with Trillin that it was really Mitt who lost it.
review 2: This book had been in my stack for a while, b
... moreut it was actually interesting to read it after having gotten some distance from the 2012 Presidential election. I'd nearly forgotten the craziness of those primaries and all the characters who wandered through--the candidates and those on the periphery.Anyway, this is a collection of Calvin Trillin poems that document that time. If you aren't familiar with his style, here's a little sampler:Though voters, polls show, think Obama is cool and Romney is colder than ice,More likeable's not an infallible tool.Remember: Dick Nixon won twice.There's certainly some wit in these pages, although some of the poems are a bit flatter--more just a straightforward telling of what happened, albeit in rhyming verse. Still, a fun rollick back through an interesting time (if you dare to relive all of that). less
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Loved this - so clever! I wish I could write like this!
Just good fun. Got to love Calvin Trillin.
enjoyed walking his doggeral
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