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Tall Story (2010)

by Candy Gourlay(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
0385618948 (ISBN13: 9780385618946)
David Fickling Books
review 1: I listened to this to determine if it belongs in the YA collection or the Juvenile shelves. I have decided it will get more use in the Juvenile Fiction section, but would be best for 5th grade and up. The story, told in alternating voices between 13 year-old Andi and her 16 year-old half-brother is quite unique. While some of our patrons may have experience growing up in stepfamilies, this one has been separated geographically between London and the Philippines for years. The siblings have a love of basketball in common, but there is no comparison in height -- Bernardo is eight feet tall! Interesting characters from both sides of the globe populate this middle grade read.
review 2: Tall Story by Candy Gourlay is a wonderful book about, bravery, Filipino cul
... moreture, and new beginnings. It is written from two different perspectives of a girl (Andi) and her half-brother from the Philippines (Bernardo). When Bernardo is planing to move to America to live with Andi and her family, Andi is very exited about having a brother, and hopes he would like basketball as much as she does. Although, when she first sees him, shes in shock. How did she get an eight foot tall brother? At first Bernardo is awkward, and shy but as the story progresses, he appears to become a brave, and strong hero with an amazing story. I enjoyed reading this book very much and couldn't put it down. Usually I'm not great with reading, but this book blew me away and was very captivating and interesting for me to read. I recommend this book to anyone who likes fiction, and friendship, and is up to reading a short and absorbing book. less
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I love this book. Hoping to write a book review on it soon. =w=
this book will be so beautiful is I will read.
How can i download tall story please help me
Nice Book!
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