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Sins Of The Flesh (2009)

by Caridad Piñeiro(Favorite Author)
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0446543837 (ISBN13: 9780446543835)
Sin Hunters
review 1: Caterina Shaw, world-renowned cellist, is dying from cancer. The brain tumor recently took her sight, and now the pain is taking away her music. A group of scientist offer her a chance; be their guinea pig and they might be able to restore her sight, or she may die, which she is going to do anyways. They play with genes and what they do to Caterina is surreal.Mick Carrera is an ex-Ranger turned private mercenary. When he gets the call for a new job, the money is almost too hard to turn down. His target: Capture Caterina Shaw and bring her back to the labs. One of the partners was recently brutally murdered in the labs, and Caterina is the suspect. After the altercation, she escaped. Mick smells something fishy, but can't quite put his finger on it. He'll capture C... moreaterina, but he won't turn her in until he is sure she is the murderer.What happened to Caterina is unbelievable, and even she can't wrap her mind around it. Her skin changes to her surroundings, as well as having a "halo" effect with her vision. She can sense how many live objects are in a certain area. She's not happy when Mick captures her, but soon realizes that he is keeping her safe. And when Mick doesn't turn Caterina in right away, the bio lab hires a mercenary to take out Mick, and anything else that stands in the way. They want Caterina back at any costs.The romance between Caterina and Mick is passionate and emotional. Two souls who have been alone for a long time finally connect with another. The ending is left in a way that you know there will be a second book in this titillating new series. Jam packed with action, surreal circumstances, and a romance and the coming together of family sets the scene for Caridad Pineiro's new series, and it's a real winner! Stunningly erotic and scientifically sinful.
review 2: With its gripping storyline and compelling characters Sins of the Flesh will have you hooked from the very first page!Caterina Shaw is a world renowned cellist but she is struck down in her prime with an incurable brain tumour and loses her vision. Caterina's doctors convince her they have a program they believe could save her life so trusting in them she agrees to go. Mick Carrera is a problem solver, when people need something fixed permanently he is the person they call. When Dr Raymond Edwards reaches out to him and offers him a job to track down a missing patient who murdered his colleague and return her to him. Mick listens but becomes more sceptical as the conversation progresses but eventually agrees to find Caterina Shaw.The more Mick digs the more things are not adding up and when he finds Caterina and discovers he is not the only person who has been contracted he knows something is wrong. Caterina is injured by the other man and Mick decides to contact his sister Lilliana who is a doctor to meet him at his place to help Caterina. As Caterina's condition is realised the truth will quickly starts to unravel and soon it will not only be Caterina in danger. When Mick discovers an old enemy has also been contracted he knows it can only end with one of them dead. Can Mick save Caterina and keep his family safe or will his old enemy strike and cost him everything. I loved Sins of the Flesh and look forward to reading many more of Caridad Pineiro's books less
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I just found this author. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to the next installment.
I just couldnt get into this book, therefore I didnt finish. Shouldnt be labeled romance.
Won a copy
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