T1D Connections Program Supports People Affected by New T1D Diagnosis

Image: jrdf.org

Paradigm Capital Group president David Kushner of Cresskill, New Jersey, possesses more than two decades of experience in commercial real estate and often lectures at the Fordham Business School on real estate finance topics. David Kushner remains involved with the JDRF, once known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The organization sponsors TypeOneNation, a vibrant social network for people with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). TypeOneNation’s offerings include the T1D Connections program.

T1D Connections helps individuals and families cope with a recent T1D diagnosis through a supportive community. A JDRF Outreach Volunteer introduces participants to their local T1D group at JDRF events and listens to their concerns. By joining the community, participants meet others with similar experiences and gain access to resources and advice.

Individuals affected by a recent diagnosis can connect with the JDRF by filling out a request form on the TypeOneNation website. A volunteer typically will contact them within 48 hours.

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