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Bernard And The Bibble (2000)

by Carl Ashmore(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Not overly impressed.When I saw the reviews I thought I'd look past the "younger reader" aspect and give it a go (I still like reading Roald Dahl to this day!). The story in itself is simple enough but there is unfortunately nothing to really introduce any characters apart from Bernard - you just go along "for the ride". The pace is too fast for my liking as well since it comes at the cost of detail.Before anyone points out that this is just for children, I would like to say that whilst you are right that doesn't mean that you can't attach the reader to the characters more. Read "Fantastic Mr Fox", "The Twits" etc and you will see what I mean - these are aimed at younger children but still engage the reader.I do not want this review to come across as completely negative as... more that is unfair on the author. As previously stated, it is a nice story that I did enjoy reading - it's just that I was always aware that it could've been a lot "more".
review 2: This is a lovely book, another of those Carl writes so well for younger readers but which translate into a good read for adults too. The book is funny and light-hearted but there are serious underlying issues. The hero, Bernard, suffers from a heart problem and has a very restricted life as a result. Here though, through meeting some strange beings befriended by his late grandad, he helps others and is helped in turn.There are some wonderful moments - "Fungal was elated. 'I'm so happy, I could piddle.' Please don't' Bernard replied flatly." I can see children everywhere (and me) finding this funny!Bernard says, of his life, 'I want to make a difference.' Isn't that what we wish for all youngsters? Yet so many want to be famous or rich. Carl Ashmore has the right idea about what is important in life and he has a great way of transmitting this to people through his book. Another thoroughly good read from Mr Ashmore. less
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Again, one of mine. I wrote this in honour of my dad, Bernard Ashmore, who died suddenly in 2008.
A great children's story from the master story teller Carl
Nice short story for children.
It was fun to read! =)
Great kid's book!
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