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A Legacy Of Secrets (Mills & Boon M&B) (2013)

by Carol Marinelli(Favorite Author)
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Mills & Boon M&B
Sicily's Corretti Dynasty
review 1: Berharap banyak ttg santo...tapi kuciwa krn ceritanya kurang di gali dan gak banyak diceritain ttg santo..no pov juga gak kayak buku lainnya especially alessandro..Walo 1 seri tapi kalo yg nulis beda so beda juga gaya penceritaannya...Buku ini bener2 ngabisin tenaga bacanya..padahal dr awal sungguh menarik ...cuma dr tengah sampe akhir bener2 boring abis dan cerita ttg keluarga si ce sangat bertele2...capek bacanya...Gak kasih 2 bintang krn kasian ...i do like santo....Semoga cerita ttg co2 coretti lainnya lebih menarik....let's hope...
review 2: This is the 1st book in the Coretti family series. They're all written by different authors & that's sometimes a mistake IMO. I read the Sarah Morgan story, which is 2nd in the series first. In that story, Santo came a
... morecross to me as a serious, driven, mature man. He's actually a shallow playboy in CMs book, which is a shame. He could have been actually more like Sarah Morgan's interpretation & been a far more interesting character. Instead, we get the same old trope about the hardworking PA, who falls for her careless, shallow boss. Of course he's rich & handsome, who'd fall in love with a regular guy? Of course they both have secrets. Just not a very interesting story. less
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Was a great read. Can't wait to read more about the Corretti Family.
Meh-ish. I liked the Taylor story better of the Coretti family.
Buen inicio. Santo *-*
review pending 2013
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