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A Siberian Werewolf In London (2000)

by Caryn Moya Block(Favorite Author)
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Siberian Volkov Pack
review 1: I am new to reading Caryn Moya Block. I enjoyed this book a lot and like the different twist to the shifter genre. It reminded me of my favorite quote, "I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you - especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land some broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I've a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly." (Jane Eyre)
review 2: A SIBERIAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON by Caryn Moya BlockA SIBERIAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON is the second novel in The Siberian Volkov
... more Pack series by Caryn Moya Block. The premise of the series is very similar to Christine Feehan’s Dark Series. The werewolves are dying out: there are few females born: can mate with psychic women: ritual words are used to join mates: their psychic connection grows stronger when they mate and one will die without the other. But-True heartmates form a golden cord tying their hearts together and packmates know when a wolf has found its’ mate.30 year old Grigori Solovyov is second in command to the Siberian Werewolf pack Alpha Dmitry Volkov but his current assignment has placed him in London England working for Scotland Yard tracking members of the Russian mob who are trafficking gem, arms and drugs through Europe and into Russia. Thinking they had found their men, Grigori was planning to leave when a young American woman grabs his attention and his heart. Melisande Reule was in England examining priceless tapestries for one of the countries wealthiest families and Melisande was his heartmate. Their brief encounter in the hotel lobby saw the sparkle of a heartmate cord. Melisande Reule was oddly attracted to the beautiful man in the hotel lobby, and when a bouquet of white roses were sent along with a dinner invitation, her desire to see Grigori increased. After an evening of love making, Gregori knew this woman was his mate, but now he had to convince her that she was his-and somehow tell her he was a shifter as well. But a call from Scotland Yard would place both he and his mate in danger when it is revealed that one of the members of the Russian mob was still in London and looking for Grigori.Grigori knew he had to call in pack reinforcements from Russia to help protect his mate, but a near fatal gun shot would force Grigori to shift and with the knowledge that he was hiding his true nature, Melisande felt betrayed and hurt. While in London, Grigori required a more secure location, so a residence was rented. Requiring a cook, a woman raising 5 orphaned children was recommended by Scotland Yard, but Grigori became excited when he scented young wolf pups in her care. Rosie MacDonald was psychic and she the ability to sense and hear wolf pups in need. But when Rosie goes missing following the cries of another young pup, Grigori and his cousins must track their missing cook and rescue another orphaned wolf.Meanwhile, the Russian mob continues to shadow Grigori and Melisande wherever they go and it will soon become obvious that someone had been compromised inside the local police. Fearing his mate is in danger, Grigori attempts to find the man but doesn’t realize that his mate and his family have already been attacked. Grigori will follow Melasande’s glowing heartmate cord to rescue his mate from potential assault.When Grigori and Melasande had found the last pup, they were surprised that no adult wolves had laid claim to the children. Placing an ad in the local paper, they would soon learn that the pups had been abandoned or sold when their parents had been killed by a their insane pack alpha. Knowing there was only recourse, Grigori would have to fight the dishonorable alpha for the right to call the England Pack his own.A SIBERIAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON is another storyline with a familiar framework from Caryn Moya Block. An interesting concept but one that has been used many times-still-I liked the storyline and premise regardless of the duplicity and familiarity. see all of my reviews : thereadingcafe.com less
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Very nice book, very quick story, I think, and I seriously love the pups in a story.
Originally read on October 19 2012re-read on May 23 2013
Wonderful read!
Great read!
Nice book.
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