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Triquetra (2000)

by Cassy Roop(Favorite Author)
4.57 of 5 Votes: 3
Celtic Knot
review 1: " Oh this is such an Amazing series!!!!!"This story is so fantastic . It is so warm and touching with lots of suspense, action , romance and humor! . It has been such a awesome series!. The characters are incredible!, Dominic and Knox are just so yummy lol . Ashley is sweet, caring and feisty :) . Kelly is a amazing spunky BFF. Dominic and Ashley have had a very stormy relationship. I have enjoyed reading how their love grew. This book is so full of emotions you will feel happiness , sorrow, and lust lol . It is just an amazing book in a fantastic series!!. But what can you expect from such an amazing writer as Cassy Roop :) .
review 2: Such an amazing end to this couple’s story. I received an ARC for an honest review and I am here to tell you that Cassy Roop
... more is an amazing writer. She has so many twists in this series but they made it out on top. I couldn't put the book down. It had my heart leaping for joy and then screaming NO! NO! NO! I even caught myself scolding Ashley out loud. With the near death experiences and recovery for the characters it had me reading way past my bedtime. This was such a great story with the added steaminess of hot men and hot sex scenes. I wish there was more but can’t wait till the next book by Cassy with Knox and Kelly.Reviewed by: Rachel Farradzs less
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Another great series with characters you want to read about...& follow their stories.
review coming soon :)
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