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Ashley's Bend (2014)

by Cassy Roop(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 1
1499322844 (ISBN13: 9781499322842)
Cassy Roop
Celtic Knot
review 1: Cassy Roop’s “Ashley’s Bend” is a super-hot read. Dominic, the leading man, is a sexykins. The story is loaded with hot nookie. Ashley, the leading lady, suffers through a cheating ex, which makes you understand her character and some of the wild choices she makes. The end of this book isn’t the end of the story, so I’m trying to wait patiently for the conclusion! There is definitely the potential for a good series here.
review 2: Wow...I'm still in shock over the twist at the end! But more about that later..First off this book is incredibly well written. It is an erotic love story but the scenes of BDSM are perfect. I felt comfortable the whole time reading the story and each scene actually felt different from the last.It begins with Ashley walking
... more in on her husband having an affair. She immediately leaves without giving him a chance to explain. Go Ashley! Next she goes to a mysterious club with her best friends and meets Dominic. Dominic is closed off due to a traumatic event that happened in his early childhood. Through trial and error the two learn to work through their pasts and develop a real relationship. Towards the end there begins to be some tension and you don't know what is happening. I have read many books and I did not even begin to guess what was happening. It all leads up to quite a climatic cliff hanger. Definitely be sure to have the second book ready!The characters are all very well done and I had a connection with them all, even the secondary characters.Overall 5/5 :) less
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One hell of a cliff hanger. Now I just need the date of the next book.
3.5 stars
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