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Fighting (2013)

by Cat Phoenix(Favorite Author)
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Cat Phoenix
review 1: This has the potential to be a five star book for me, but the book definitely lost its momentum for me in the last quarter of the book. At that point I was reading/skimming just to get through the story. That being said I agree with someone said, that this book is too long. As much as the like the interactions between Ethan and Alex, sometimes less is more. What I enjoyed most about this book though is the gradual progression of Ethan and Alex's relationship, which is a huge check in my opinion. "Fighting" has a strong core story that just needs to be less embellished with unnecessary events that keep the story from moving forward.
review 2: Started off really well but it went downhill from there. There wasn't enough thievery. It felt like the author was setti
... moreng up this cool organisation and opportunity for action, but then hardly anything happened. The "danger" part of the story felt weak and too easy to be a real threat. It also happened too late in the book for me. I feel like a lot of the relationship building dragged out longer than necessary(particularly with Ethan)so that there ended up being very little time for pay off. And... I don't really understand what happened with both Ethan and Alex's characters. They both really changed. And not for the better, it wasn't really growth. Alex did open up, and that's great, but I don't really understand why she had to become so... vanilla. I mean you can still be snarky and fun when you're in love. I feel like a lot of that side of her was suppressed the more she fell for Ethan. And it only seemed to come out when she was away from him, which was annoying. Ethan himself started to come off a lot more aggressive the closer they got (before they were even together), which seemed at odds with who I thought he was at the beginning. I really love romantic relationships that feel like a team, and whilst they started off that way, by the end it definitely felt like Ethan held the power in the relationship. I also didn't like how Alex just jumped to the conclusion that Ethan could never like her, didn't even consider it. It was so at odds with how she was written at other points of the book. I'm just tired of heroines who need a guy to give them a self esteem boost. The ending was anticlimactic. The last few chapters seemed like they should have happened earlier, because they just felt tacked on after the conflict had been resolved. less
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This could easily be a series and I reallyyyy hope it does! I love me some Ethan and Alex :D
sebenernya suka cuma bagiku alurnya terlalu lambat
Book 2? please?
i liked it!
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