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Whirl Of The Wheel (2009)

by Catherine Condie(Favorite Author)
2.9 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: This was one of the first books I downloaded to my kindle. A freebie and only 100 pages long. The idea of the story was intriguing, but the book was hard to follow at times and the ending was very abrupt. I spent most of the time flipping backwards wondering if I missed something. The transition between scenes didn't flow very well and left me wondering what the hec I missed! It had the potential to be a good book but unfortunately didn't stack up to my expectations!
review 2: This was a free Kindle book and it read like one...although the plotline in itself was very interesting. Two English children, one in a wheelchair but very capable, go back in time to WW II England (through their eccentric neighbor's pottery wheel) to find a war-related secret that will
... moresave their present day home. Their father is a vicar and their vicarage is about the be demolished by a ruthless real estate investor, whose son is the school bully. The writing was bit flowery and hard to read sometimes, but the book was enjoyable. The ending was a bit muddled, however. less
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Entertaining enough, but not particularly memorable.
I could not even finish this book, it was so bad!
I absolutely loved this book :)
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