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Nobody Is Ever Missing (2014)

by Catherine Lacey(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 1
0374534497 (ISBN13: 9780374534493)
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review 1: You know how some books have those sentences that are just incredibly quotable, and you feel like you struck gold reading? Well, that's like A THIRD of every single sentence in this book. I've never read anything like it. So much really hits hard and feels so authentic, but may also be a bit too real, too honest, too deep. You can have those revelatory moments, but you don't need three every page.
review 2: 'Nobody Is Ever Missing' is pure smoke and mirrors. It's a long, thin, incoherent short story masquerading as a novel, dragged on and bogged down by an unwavering emphasis on all the reasons why our protag is the lost sad sack she is. Unfortunately, it's a thick, syrupy dose of armchair psychology and not a whole lot more ('minor chords' and a 'wildebeest' a
... morere frequent stand-ins for actual descriptions of emotion; if a novel is going to look so carefully into the mechanisms of one's depression, it's going to have to go beyond metaphor). Lacey careens past emotion and into sentimentalism, seldom landing close enough to feel empathy for her protag. I found reviews that lauded the book's psychological intelligence to be reaching, to say the least. on one hand, it's refreshing to read a novel brave enough to tackle despair and apathy; on the other, Lacey's fondness for repetition constantly draws attention to the fact that it just doesn't have anything intelligent to say. less
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Earily taps into the lost soul in all of us. Fantastic, human, frightening and real
Glorious. Glorious. Put everything else down. Do this thing now.
Beautiful, astute, unbalanced, alarming, and cathartic.
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