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Backpacked: A Reluctant Trip Across Central America (2000)

by Catherine Ryan Howard(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I bought this book for two reasons: I am preparing my own trip to Central America and I got an incredible promotion so I paid... ZERO for it. True, it was in my wish list, I was just lucky enough to take a look at the listing when it was for free. Anyway, because I have a new e-reader I wanted to start reading it right away. I was thinking I would read a couple of pages before switching to the book I had on my bedside table. I was wrong. I start reading and I couldn't stop. Finally, after reaching page 55 I had to stop. It was almost 1 AM. So, I consider this book a funny reading. It's not specially instructive, not a big helper for someone preparing a trip to this part of the world. All right, some notes were taken, but above all the reading pleasure comes from the author... more writing vocation. It's easy, funny, addictive. I will consider buy more books from Catherine and the only reason stopping me right now is a simple fact: she didn't write any other appealing books. Appealing to me, of course. I don't rate the book with 5 stars because it's not really a literary piece of art and it doesn't offers much knowledge about Central America itself.
review 2: I read and loved 'Mousetrapped', so when I heard Catherine had a new book out, I couldn't wait to dive in. I wasn't disappointed -- Catherine takes the same dry wit and self-deprecating humour along for the ride in 'Backpacked', the story of her travels through South America. From nearly falling off a horse on a vertical volcano ride to a a bevvy of eccentric -- and sometimes downright threatening -- characters along the way, reading this travelogue made me feel like I'd gone on the journey myself. Highly recommended for anyone who loves reading about the extremes of exploration without actually having to endure the discomfort. less
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I liked reading it because I have been to many of the same places
Loved this book! Funny adventure!
Truly delightful! Loved this!
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