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Mousetrapped (2010)

by Catherine Ryan Howard(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
1451522924 (ISBN13: 9781451522921)
review 1: Travel memoir is a difficult thing to write. The travel is your experience, yet you need to bring it to life for your reader. Ms Howard does a good job of entertaining while educating. Her intelligent, witty, yet self-deprecating style keeps you interested as she explores her new home, and battles the culture shock of moving to the US after landing a job at Walt Disney World (see - there's some education there - I always thought it was 'Disneyland' in California and 'Disneyworld' in Florida. Things you learn, huh?)There's plenty more to discover in this book, inside and outside of Walt Disney World, and if you enjoy this book, then follow it with her sequel, Backpacked: A reluctant trip across Central America. It is possible to enjoy both books by reading Backpacked first,... more but Backpacked flows better if you've already read Mousetrapped.
review 2: I llive in the Orlando area so I thought this would be a cute book to read that delves into the culturee of a tourist area as we see it. it wasn't. A few of the chapters are humorous and others are so full of whining I just wanted to scream "then don't come here!" If you want to read the driving directions to the mall or Kennedy Space Center then by all means read this book. it boringly gives the whole history of space travel if you can get through that chapter w/o it prompting a nap. If you are a proclaimed athiest then don't go to a theme park called "The Holy Land" and write a complaint about it. Very immature, and in poor taste. It did not prompt humor as she so tried it to sound. I did laugh through some chapters. I can relate to moving to this area w/o a job or a car or knowing anyone. that part was a trip down memory lane almost. In the end it's a naive, young perspective of moving to a new place. Reading other reviews I assume people start reading this expecting the "scandalous side of Disney" as the title makes it sound, you won't find it in this book. less
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This is a lovely book - funny in a self depracating way and moves along nicely.
I totally loved this book as I live near Orlando so could picture everything!
I thought a bit more would happen in it, but it was interesting anyway.
I loved it! Laugh out loud funny and very entertaining read!!
Enjoyable & funny chill-out read.
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