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Mad, Bad And Blonde (2010)

by Cathie Linz(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
0425233405 (ISBN13: 9780425233405)
West Investigations
review 1: Mad Bad and Blonder was an enjoyable read, but not a blow my mind out one.Faith West is about to get married when she gets a text from her fiancee that he can't marry her, her needs excitement. Well Faith is angry and goes off alone on her honeymoon since she always wanted to go to Italy. Faith is a librarian but she is also an ace-shooter and holds a PI license since her dad owns one of the biggest investigating companies.Caine Hunter is an ex-marine on a mission, to keep an eye on Faith. He is working for Faith's father arch-rival and also has an axe to grind, he blames Faith's father for his father's suicide and believes that he was falsely blamed for a theft.Unexpectedly for Caine sparks fly between them and they end up in bed but Faith finds out that he lied to her, s... moreince she does have deductive skills taught by her father and gets mad and usurps him by changing her look and escaping from right under his nose.Well Faith has had many knocks in the past weeks but she takes it on the chin. Dumps her old job, her bed, her looks and joins her father's company and decides to find out if Caine was lying. Caine and Faith keep running into each other and let's just say they have chemistry and good banter.I enjoyed the book. I like a heroine who is not wimpy and Faith fits that bill.
review 2: faith-librarian, good with guns and carscaine hunter-spy agent hired by vince to spy on faith,holds a grudge on jeff because he thinks that jeff is the reason his father commited suicide along time ago while working for jeffvince-faith dads enemyalan-faiths ex- fiancemegan-faith's cousin and paljeff-faiths dadyuri-faith's doorman, he also knew caine when they both were in the marinesara-faith's momkarl-caines dead dadfaith was bombed when she recieved a message while standing on the atlar from alan saying he doesnt want to marry her anymore.torn and heart-broken faith uses the tickets tht were suppose to be her and alans honeymoon tickets and went to italy by herself.there she meets caine on her first day n italy, and after spending about a week with caince and having sex with him, she finds out from her dad that caine is a agent that works for vince and was hired to watch her every move. Now with faith betrayed by 2 guys all in a month, she is not happy about it, especially about already having sex within the week with an enemy.now faith decides to become a new person, not an ratty librarian anymore...and to spend her last day or few last days in italy, she decided to go shopping for "edgy look-at-me" clothes and have a model haircut.right now caine is following a lady with a big hat and sandals that are faiths, everything is under control, hes got her hired sales clerk in his sight, and he thinks that she is faith.caine still plans to go on his mission following faith even after she found out about caine as a spy of vince and all.so now caine is following faith(or so he thinks) going in and out of stores and walking around like she owns italy.faith did well, right now she is glad of the plan she did, having caine think hes following her but instead was following a sales clerk that faith paid for the sales clerk to walk around italy looking like faith.now all she had to do was leave italy and go back home while caine is following the clerk around.once faith was back in her town, she went to the library and quitted her job because shes going to have a fresh start as a new person..her person.so she decides to quit her job as a librarian and work with her father as an investigator.caine returns to vince in faiths city mad, because he found out later on that faith just bambozooed him and planned everything out from him following someone else to finding out that someone was a fuckin sales clerk.the war between them arnt over yet, caine plans to get faith back for her fooling him, and he plans to winwhen caine starts to come back into faiths life by showing at her condo door the next day, everything goes nuts from therefaith plans to look at karls case, and prove that her dad didnt make him do suicide so that caine can just get out of her lifelater on since faith and caine kept on bumping into each other, they decided at the last minute to work together on the karl thing and prove each other wrongfaith was later told by sara(her mom) that faiths dad is cheating on her and having an affair with someone else...at least her mother thinks so from all the times he tells her hes busy and tells her ha has to do something at a place but he really isnt there.so sara askes faith to dig alittle deep into her dads personal life and find out if her dad is really having an affairwell, at the end of the book they married and all that, hapily ever after...yay!i couldnt finish the whole book because there was too much fighting between caine and faith in this book, and i just like a book that flows smoothely, one gets jelous of the other because they see them out with someone else, the person does their new combat, and they get married and live hapily ever after.but this book was alright too. less
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I really enjoyed this story and I liked faith's personality .. I like the strong girls ...
Hilarious -- laughed out loud ... will definitely read her other books
This book was just okay for me it was good but not great.
I really good book that flowed very well.
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