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Het Huis Op De Klif (2013)

by Charlotte Williams(Favorite Author)
2.86 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: I could SORT of tell what was going to happen when I was halfway through the book...grrrr...major pet peeve of mine. However, Williams does a great job with her character descriptions and even though Jessica Mayhew, our protagonist, speaks from a psychotherapist's soapbox at times, she's flawed and relatable all the same. I would have liked certain aspects to be fleshed out a bit more, but for the most part, I enjoyed this book.
review 2: I enjoyed the suspense and was definitely on the edge of my seat while waiting to see how the different neuroses in the book played out. However, I found the narrator's back-and-forth behavior around marital infidelity a little unbelieveable and typically skimmed the parts where she was mentally reliving/berating herself/comp
... morelaining about her husband's behavior because I just didn't enjoy them. It seemed so juvenile in comparison to the thrill of the main plot line. That said, the surprise of having the husband get involved in the storyline late in the book was very well done. A good debut novel! less
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Wanted this to be better than it was and ended up skimming it to find out who did it.
Adequattee, but too heavy on the psychology for my taste.
A little predictable....
2.5 stars
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