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Pretty Young Things (2013)

by Chase Moore(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
Jaded Publications
review 1: Pretty wild thingsChallenge book for JulyPretty Young ThingsAuthor : Chase MooreMeet Stevie and Starr they have been friends since they were in high school, Stevie uses Starr's good looks to lure men into her web and Stevie robs them for everything they have, then we have Diamond she is Starr best friend who uses sex to get what she wants. but when Stevie decides to rob the biggest Drug dealers brother because he has been stealing from her, the game may change every ones life.I loved this book, it captured me from the first page, it had so many twist that I didn't see coming, I did find a few missing words but it didn't take away from the story at all.I would recommend this book.yolanda
review 2: Author: Chase MoorePublished By: C.M.Age Recommended: AdultRev
... moreiewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"Pretty Young Things" by Chase Moore was a interesting urban fiction read that kept me reading to the end...always presenting something that would only leave you wanting more of this plot. "Pretty Young Things" really moved with lots of action going on and it definitely isn't predictable like I thought it would be only to find 'sexy people doing a lot of ugly things' ...stealing, killing, fighting and I am sure you can find some more as you process through this good read.The characters from Stevie, Starr, Cartier, Diamond, Rich, Lavelle, Lolita, Antoine, Sasha,Tatiana, Barbara Baker and a few others I left out will only kept you captivated in "Pretty Young Things. Like: What was going on that Stevie push Diamond to the Gentlemen's Club to meet Rich Keys? Be ready to read of greediness that is way off the chart. How will this all come out for Starr, Diamond and Antoine, Stevie and Rich? Well, we will all have to catch part 2 of Chase Moore's next novel. I am sure it will be worth checking out. Would I recommend this read? YES! less
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This book kept me on edge the whole book. The ending makes you want to read part two right away!
Really good! Those women were something else. I really want to find out how it ties together.
Good book...Finished part one just in time for the part two release...Can't wait!
Wasn't one of my favorites but I liked it.
Book was ok cant wait for part 2
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