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Dog Vs. Cat (2014)

by Chris Gall(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
0316238015 (ISBN13: 9780316238014)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
review 1: Mr. Button bought home a dog and Mrs. Button bought home a cat and they had to share a room, yeah…not a good idea. They are very different animals with different habits and attitudes and at first they try to get along but it doesn’t last long. Deciding to annoy each other, they try everything they can to encourage the other one to leave. The pictures are funny and I think it might take an older child to understand the tactics these adversaries use to outsmart one another. Hairballs in dogs bowl, a dog whistle and catnip was among the tactics used but neither pet would budge. Just when they think they might be able to handle living under the same roof, things in the house change again. I tried reading this to a fourth grade class and I got no reaction from them. D... moreuring some of the funny parts, they just sat there not laughing just waiting for the next page. I don’t think they understood some of the references the book was referring to. They did like the ending.
review 2: My kids LOVED this one. I only thought it was ok at first, but it is one that seems to improve upon multiple (multiple!!) rereads. A classic dog versus cat tale that has forces the two adversaries to join forces against a common enemy. The pictures are really funny, and Mr. Gall completely knows his audience because, a week since returning this to the library, my kids are still calling "I have outdoor privileges!" and cracking up every time. This is also one of the first books to bring home the idea of liking different books by the same author, because my son has retrieved his Dinotrux book and also found another book by Mr. Gall at the library. less
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While not an original premise, I did laugh out loud a couple of times at the antics of the two pets.
I'm a sucker for goofy humor, and this book made me gigglesnort, so 5 stars.
Hilarious! adults and kids will love
Cute! Great for older elementary
Cute book.
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