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Achewood Vol. 2: Worst Song, Played On Ugliest Guitar (2002)

by Chris Onstad(Favorite Author)
4.55 of 5 Votes: 3
1595822399 (ISBN13: 9781595822390)
Dark Horse Comics
review 1: i'm terribly bad at reading webcomics on the actual web so collections like this are awesome for me, although the concept seems somehow against nature. i got quite a strong feeling of being excluded from the cult that is Achewood (quite a bit of it assumed prior acquaintance, and mine is minimal) but found it amusing nevertheless. i'll be on the lookout for more.and apparently vol 2 is the place to start. go figure.
review 2: Achewood--which, for those unfamiliar with it, is a popular webcomic--never really got under my skin. It struck me as self-consciously edgy, the kind of thing hipsters read, then brag loudly to each other about reading. Not really my cup of tea.It turns out I was wrong! Charmed by the cover design, I picked up this volume of Achewood st
... morerips (with additional prose by Onstad, the strip's creator) from the library on the principle of, "Well, if I hate it, it's not like I spent money on it." The book, perhaps wisely, starts out with narratives introducting us to several of the strip's characters. It's the sort of thing I normally skip, but I thought, "What the hell, why not?" and gamely read them.People, Onstad writes really well. That was some beautiful, hilarious prose. I felt like I understood the human condition better after reading it. These were introductions to characters in a webcomic, for crying out loud, but I swear to god they made me a better person. There are parts of them I'd like to quote and share with people. They were that great.I did read all the strips and enjoyed them a lot more than I'd expected. Achewood still comes off as sort of pretentious to me, which is funny because it's drawn really sparely and is genuinely weird in a way that, if it's contrived, is still truly wacky. It really is self-conscious, but in a genuine kind of way. I think that the strips benefited from being read together, and from the inclusion of the prose, even though that's not how this medium is typically intended to be read.Anyway, Achewood is weird, Onstad is a pretty good writer, and I will probably go back and try to find volume 1 now. less
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Roast Beef is introduced in this one, so it's one of my favorites.
Chris Onstad is a genius. Must-read for Achewood fans.
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