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The Young World (2014)

by Chris Weitz(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 2
0316226297 (ISBN13: 9780316226295)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
The Young World Trilogy
review 1: This one seems to fall into the love or hate category, but I found it's in the middle. There's some great stuff happening and some sigh, fine stuff happening. Overall, it's a page turner that most HS dystopian fans will enjoy.Good Stuff:-Diverse cast that doesn't feel forced-Page turner. Interesting things keep happening - you're not sitting around waiting, waiting, waiting for action-The World Without Adults premise allows for interesting situations and social commentary-Side characters are great - could have used more with themSigh Stuff:-Love triangle -- unnecessary and forced. Leaves our main characters acting too foolish and whiny. I don't hate love triangles on sight, but this one? Ugh, no thanks.-Not enough world building and plot explanation, especially at the clos... moree. The length of the book is spot on, but the love triangle should have been cut to create room for explanation-Donna's chapters are annoying to read at timesThere's more but the gist: cut the love triangle, build up that world, and this would be epic. Right now? Good way to spend a few year hours.
review 2: Set in contemporary New York City, a mysterious illness has killed all of the young children and adults, and continues to attack everyone who passes their 18th birthday. The teenagers are left to cope on their own, with the knowledge that none of them will make it past the age of 18. The group living in Washington Square tries to maintain a civilized society as best they can, but they are doing so in the midst of uncivilized gangs around them and an obviously pessimistic future. This will be a good book to recommend to students who enjoyed Lord of the Flies and Gone. less
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Loved it! Really good. I recommend it to everyone that loves books like The Hunger Games!
Lightening quick pace, unsentimental story-telling - top notch YA fiction.
I loved it the hole apocalyptic story was really cool.
i weely wiked it
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