‘A Place at the Table’ by Susan Rebecca White

“When you embrace the thing that makes you different, you become whole.”

What a beautifully written, compassionate and compelling story. This book has a ‘real’ feel to it–happy endings are overrated. Life is messy and miraculous at the same time. The author has a way of crafting sentences that capture a great perspective on faith, family, and finding yourself. I will definitely look for more books by this author.

“A Place at the Table tells the story of three unforgettable characters whose paths converge in a storied Manhattan café. Bobby, a young gay man from Georgia who has been ostracized by his family; Amelia, a wealthy Connecticut woman whose life is upended when a family secret comes to light; and Alice, an African-American chef from North Carolina whose heritage is the basis of a renowned cookbook but whose past is a mystery to those who know her.”

I loved how the pieces of this novel come together. Each piece is significant in its own right, but together they make a whole. The characters are all exiles, finding their way from very different corners towards communion with each other and fulfillment in themselves. Food plays a central role in the novel and in case your mouth is watering from frequent references to a scrumptious pound cake, there is a recipe provided at the end of the book!

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