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Getting Over Mr Right (2010)

by Chrissie Manby(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 5
0340992786 (ISBN13: 9780340992784)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: This was definitely all kinds of crazy, funny, sad, and something most everyone has gone through unless you're one of the lucky ones. Though most of us surely have not gone this far and to these extents after a breakup. Calls, texts, online messages, and maybe perhaps the occasional drive-by viewing may have happened. Hopefully we can drown our tears in a pint of ice-cream, some really good chocolate, a few fruity alcoholic beverages, someone willing to listen to our story over and over, or a well deserved night out on the town with our best friends, these may need to be repeated of course. Remember once a cheater always a cheater, what that supposed Mr. Right did to you he will eventually do again to the next in line. Your Mr. Right is always where you least expect hi... morem to be. :)
review 2: This was an okay read. The main character was frustrating at times, and if someone were selling clues, she should have bought one. (She sure spent a lot of pounds on everything else.) I did kind of see bits of myself in her, although I HOPE I was not quite that pathetic over exes and/or crushes. Overall this was like a bit of Bridget Jones mixed with Becky Bloomwood (from the Shopaholic series), but in a really generic kind of way. less
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Funny read, but not one that could be considered great or particularly necessary to pick up
Dire, couldn't finish it, and usually I love 'Chris' Manby....
Entertaining, but not quite as funny as I'd expected.
Wish I had read this sooner!
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