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The King's Daughter (2009)

by Christie Dickason(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
0007289103 (ISBN13: 9780007289103)
review 1: Although knowing the fate of Elizabeth's betrothal to Frederick of the Palatine beforehand, I still was anxious with fright that Henry's wish for them to marry would not come to fruition for almost the entirety of the third half of the novel. With the relief of their final leaving of England, I must say that the best parts of the book were Frederick's arrival and Frederick stealing back Elizabeth's dog from Baby Charles.
review 2: Another great historical fiction read for me. I do not know much about James I but he sounds almost as horrible as Henry VIII! I felt so sorry for his daughter, Elizabeth who this story centers around. How can two parents be so detached and cruel to their children? I know part of it is the time as royal children tended to be raise
... mored by others but at least on visits, they would be kind of happy to see each other. Not Elizabeths's parents - a father who fears her power to ascend him to the throne and a mother who literally could care less about her children. Horrible! I was also mad at the treatment of Tallie the slave. I know in modern society we are much more "enlightened" but how could people have ever thought someone was not "human" simply because of the color of their skin? I am glad in the book Elizabeth was kind to Tallie. I also felt so sorry with Elizabeth's plight and marriage - how horrible! At least in the end, she was matched to a seemingly wonderful man in the book. Hopefully, she and her husband were able to find some happiness together - especially since they continued the royal line. Baby Charlie was a horrible, spoiled brother in the book and I was so sad when she had to give her favorite dog to him on his silly 10 year old whim. I was also so sad to read about Harry's fate and the intrigue of his being poisoned to death by his own father! Eek! less
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Could have been better but nice to read about a Stuart princess I didn't know a lot about!
I always love the historical novels. A lot like Phillipa Gregory's books.
A bit slow. I am hoping the pace will pick up as the character matures.
Interesting start to the British history..
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