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Virtue Falls (2014)

by Christina Dodd(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 5
1250028418 (ISBN13: 9781250028419)
St. Martin's Press
Virtue Falls
review 1: I liked the element in this books--romantic suspense, serial murderer, old crimes and new, geology (earthquakes and tsunamis)--better than the book itself. Dialog a little overwrought for my taste and the book over plotted (to set up the sequel) but she does a great job building the menacing tone. Nice romantic interludes, damaged protagonists, family issues, and an excellent frame with small town (a character in itself), geology. Lots of red herrings add to the fun.
review 2: [Audiobook version] An addicting mystery that gradually reveals the circumstances surrounding a decades-old murder in a coastal Washington town. Earthquakes share page time with childhood trauma, portraits of powerful women, a violent sociopath, and Alzheimer's disease. My one complaint i
... mores that, while in hindsight it's clear that there were too many threads to untangle in a single book, the sudden ending caught me by surprise. The non-final intonation of the narrator's reading of the last sentence and the lack of any concluding message from the producer left me wondering whether I'd really downloaded the entire book or was somehow missing a segment. I am sorry to give this 4-star book only 3 stars due to its painfully abrupt end. less
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What an exciting story!! I loved it. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
4-1/2***** excellent
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