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Last-But-Not-Least Lola Going Green (2013)

by Christine Pakkala(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
1590789350 (ISBN13: 9781590789353)
Boyds Mills Press
review 1: My eight year old and I really enjoyed this book! She thought Lola was such a fun character and immediately asked if there was another book in the series to read. I found Lola to be an extremely relatable character and think the book is just perfect for a starting-to-read-on-their-own level reader. I also love that there is an environmental lesson to be learned in the story. We're looking forward to more Lola in book #2!
review 2: We really enjoyed this book!! It's perfect for fans of books like Horrid Henry, or Clarice Bean in that it's part illustrated, part written and very funny! I read it with my 8 year old daughter, Jenny, and she identified with the main character very quickly. Lola Zuckerman is fed up of being last, purely because her surname starts
... morewith a 'Z'. She's last to be called on the register, last to be called out in class (which means everyone has used up all her ideas by the time she gets her turn) and her previous best friend, now worst enemy, Amanda Anderson, gets to go first every time. Lola's class is having a competition to find the best 'Going Green' idea, one that will be practical and promote environmental awareness. Her list of ideas is exhausted by all the other children, the only thing she can think of is something her Grandma did and she's not sure whether her Grandma was crazy! Is winning at all costs the best thing in the world? How did the 2 girls fall out of being friends? Will thye ever make up? The book explores the issues of what it means to be first or last,and considering other people's feelings.It really captures the voice of a young girl and when each chapter ended, Jenny was saying 'Just one more!' We read half the book in one night as we both wanted to see where it was going. That, to me, is the mark of a great children's book, and I hope it's successful and we see more of Lola! less
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Another series candidate for Junie B. Jones graduates.
Very good storyline, but not well written at all.
I liked it...but then again, I wrote it!
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