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The Love We Share Without Knowing (2008)

by Christopher Barzak(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 4
055338564X (ISBN13: 9780553385649)
review 1: The first time I started reading the book, I put it aside as my interest in Japan as a place of profound isolation, both as experienced by natives and expats, has waned after years of working around Japanese pop culture. I'm glad I picked up the book and read it again -- in one sitting no less -- as there are some very beautiful passages here. My favorite chapters, and the ones that ring most true to me, are those centered American English teachers, especially Hannah. As a whole, the network of interconnected lives -- the "love we share without knowing it" -- doesn't seem strong enough to lift these people out of their isolation. Like the Fox metaphor, it seems as if this love is there to give us strength, but it could just as easily abandon us in the w... moreoods.
review 2: This book is hard to describe. Most of the subject matter is what you might call depressing, but it's a beautiful depression. It is supposed to be a novel, but each chapter could be a short story in itself. There main character in each chapter is connected to other characters in other chapters, but the connections feel distant. People seem to be missing each other. In a magical, distant way. Oh, I give up. Just read the book! less
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Beautiful tapestry of connected stories and cultures. Highly recommended.
Great book, I recommend!
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