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A Snowball In Hell (2008)

by Christopher Brookmyre(Favorite Author)
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140870062X (ISBN13: 9781408700624)
Little Brown UK
Angelique De Xavier
review 1: Serial killer who realllly doesn't like celebrity culture, but loves attention in a big way. Magician thief and conflicted cop team up to catch him. Loved the magician storyline with the behind-the-scenes old school magic. The killer's set pieces were fantastic, so over the top. One way to see it is as one big elaborate con, lots of fun watching the gigantic plan unfold. Lots of biting satire on celebrity and media provides a little extra to chew on. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this book has a prequel or two until it was too late, so I felt I missed out on a fair bit of backstory.
review 2: What an amazing book. I love Christopher Brookmyre, and rarely get the chance to get any of his books, so while in Scotland I scooped this up. It is probably more of a
... more 4.5 star book but give it the extra half just because I very infrequently get to read one of his books. The return of some of my favourite characters, including Simon Darcourt, the best villain of any Brookmyre book! The story was fun (even at it's darkest). I want to go back and re-read some of his other books now. less
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Superb! Try it, you wont be disappointed. WARNING: not for the squeamish!
Typical bloody, socially political Brookmyre fodder. Fantastic stuff!
gave up after reading 45%. Lost the will to live.
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