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A Boy Called Duck Tape (2012)

by Christopher Cloud(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 2
Ron Hutchison
review 1: this actually a book intended for middle school aged. i got this on my e-reader. I liked the title. it is a nice enough read. and I would say the age group it is intended for will like this adventure book. pablo is the main character and it is narrated in his voice. he 12. his sister Pia is nine. they are out exploring and diving and Pablo comes across something on the floor of James creek. it is a twenty dollar gold piece over 100 years old. Pablo looks up the piece online and finds out it is worth over $6,000.00 dollars. soon their cousin Kiki comes to visit for part of the summer. they decide to take the coin to pawn shop to see what they will pay for it. big mistake. the owners cannot be trusted. after some more research they find there could be many more coins hidden.... more and Jesse James is involved with the coins. the three children decide to find the treasure. think of the movie" The Goonies" and this is something like the book. an adventure with children out to seek a treasure. a big cave is involved a lot of dangerous twists and turns. good guys and bad guys. the reason it is called " A Boy Called duct Tape" is Pablo is very poor and just put duct tape on his tennis shoes since his family cannot afford new ones. a pretty nice read. I only read it because it was free. i would say it is a nice book for kids that age. a *3.5*
review 2: A Boy Called Duct Tape was a fun read. As a former teacher, I truly think it would be a hit with “middlers.” It has believable characters in Pablo, Pia, and Kiki—who get themselves involved in quite the adventure—that of searching for a lost treasure. The action, mystery, and suspense of this book make it an interesting read. The fact that there are tidbits of history thrown in is always a good thing. After setting this book aside, I still can pick it up and put myself right back into various locations from the book…meaning Author Christopher Cloud did a great job with creating the scenes in the story. I’m glad I had the opportunity to read this book, and would highly recommend it for kids looking for a great adventure story. less
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Mitchell and I read this one together and both agreed it was a 4 star book. We enjoyed the story.
This may be written for children,but I enjoyed it. It was entertaining and fun to read
A great book, if you like The Goonies movie, you will like thiis book
Cute story my dad recommended and loaned me. I really enjoyed it!
Cute. Highly improbable, but a good story for pre-teens
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