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The Hope Of Refuge (2009)

by Cindy Woodsmall(Favorite Author)
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1400073960 (ISBN13: 9781400073962)
WaterBrook Press
Ada's House
review 1: I fell in love with Cindy Woodsmall when I read the Sisters of the Quilt series. I have always been fascinated by the Amish, but got tired of reading information from those who were disenchanted with the faith. Although Woodsmall is not Amish, she is close friends with people in a nearby Amish community. Her books are kind towards the Amish and show the complexity of their religion, complete with the joys and the heartaches.In "The Hope of Refuge," Woodsmall follows a young woman who has been raised in foster care and has had to take care of herself since she was eight years old. The woman finds her way back to the Amish community that her mother was raised in. She has to learn to overcome her insecurities and to let down many of the walls she has raised to protect herself... more. As she finds love and acceptance in a completely new world, she struggles with her past and with what she wants in her future.This book is a great, innocent love story. It focuses on true love rather than on the lust that most romance novels focus on. Woodsmall also gives us another wonderful glimpse into Amish life.
review 2: This book is not really historical but I have never read a book that focused on the Amish. I really enjoyed the story and learning more about the Amish faith. The author was kind in explaining Amish culture throughout the novel. The story focuses on Cara Moore who has reached her bottom. In the beginning of the novel she is a single mother living who is homeless, caring for her little girl through theft of others. After she discovers an address in a journal that her mother Malinda had kept she heads to Dry Lake, Pennsylvania, an Amish community. Here she faces both people who accept her and teach her through that love, the love of God. There are also people who want to turn her away. My heart broke for this poor woman and her daughter. The faith journey in this novel was truly exceptional and inspirational. less
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Surprisedly a great book. Wonderful story of redemption and forgiveness-loved the characters.
I really like this author! Can't wait to read the next book in this series.
Enjoyed this book. Very different from a lot of the usual Amish books
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