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Have Mother, Will Travel: A Mother And Daughter Discover Themselves, Each Other, And The World (2012)

by Claire Fontaine(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 4
0061688398 (ISBN13: 9780061688393)
William Morrow
review 1: Co-written by a mother and her daughter about their travels and self-discovery over several months in Asia and Europe. First, I am green with envy of people who have the resources to take off several months and hang out in France. Second, it was interesting and entertaining, and both women can write. I sometimes tire of other people's naval-gazing and self-discovery, as I did in "Eat, Pray, Love," but I managed to hang with these two for the entire book without wanting to slap them silly (very often). They have co-written another book (written earlier) called "Come Back," about the daughter's time as a drug-addicted runaway teen. I'm curious, but probably will not read the other book.
review 2: Tried listening to this as an audio book and it just hasn't bee
... moren working for me. It isn't holding my attention and I find myself drifting and thinking about other things while the story is going on. I really expected to like this story of mother and adult daughter and their relationship but I am finding I just don't care about either of them. Not sure if it is their reading of it. I may try picking this up as a regular book at a later date and give it another shot. less
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Thought it would have more travel but it was more about the mother-daughter relationship, Meh.
I did enjoy their travel narratives and interactions best of all.
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