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Toast Mortem (2010)

by Claudia Bishop(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0425230287 (ISBN13: 9780425230282)
Hemlock Falls Mysteries
review 1: Meg and Quill are at their sleuthing best in this adventure. A culinanry arts school has been established with a surly chef at the helm. Bent on putting the inn out of business for good Maitre LeVasque starts a smear campaign to ruin the reputations of Meg and her sister.Meanwhile a group called WARP has insinuated itself at the Inn for a convention of sorts. When the chef is found murdered clutching a recipe in his hands the pastry chef with a past of her own is a suspect after Monsieur LeVasque fires her for trying to breach her contract with the school while she's on parole for another matter. Quill is also trying to keep her sister Meg out of jail and manage her time with her toddler son and run the Inn.The book is full of shenanigans as Quill snoops for clues even th... moreough she promised her hubby she would back off.The girls get their man as the discover what the WARP group is about.Rousing adventure and good laughs are a recipe for success. I give this one 5 golden pastries.
review 2: I'm sure I would have enjoyed this more if I had not jumped into the series at book #16. Having no history with the Quilliam sisters, I'm just not that invested or interested in them. Having said that, the author seems to phone this one in a bit, throwing lots of characters around but without adding much mystery. In fact, a murder doesn't even happen until halfway through the book. I just didn't feel very compelled to keep reading. Two nights ago I decided to stop reading and go to sleep with only 10 pages left. I just really didn't care much to know whodunit. I would rate this 1.5 stars if I could - not completely terrible writing, but not gripping or very interesting. It felt like the author was just quite bored herself with the series so didn't add much heart to the writing at all. less
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I enjoyed the main characters but found the storyline slow-going.
don't like the change in series of adding the baby
Another adventure at Hemlock Falls Hotel.
#16? Fucking really?
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