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The Holland Family Saga Part Two: Undying Love (2012)

by Clever Black(Favorite Author)
4.63 of 5 Votes: 5
9780985350 (ISBN13: B008DKXGXW)
Clever Black Books
review 1: Im truly enjoying this series!!! I love ben love love love Katrina!!! It was great to get the family history of ben and hennritta because the grandparents and gabriella and sam love stories were so beautiful the love they had in their relationships and for their family/friends is wonderful...the only things i didn't like about the book was the grammatical errors and black's compulsion to give details on things that are not necessary...do we really need to know the exact brands every character had on everyday???? I think not lolBut this wont keep me from finishing the series!!!!
review 2: He’s BackBen Holland, Katrina, and the gang are reunited with a different twist in “The Holland Family Sage Part II: Undying Love.” Ben Holland is back…and this time mo
... morere knowledgeable than before. While incarcerated, Ben Holland learned his family history. Katrina, a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife, applied her street skills to the real world to get to the top only to feel lost without her best friend, Ben. Despite years of being apart, the strong bond and love each had for one another is there. Readers develop a clear understanding of how Ben Holland went from a boy to a man. The story is captivating from the beginning to end and I’m waiting feverishly for Clever to utilize his gift and release another fascinating novel. Good job!I recommend The Holland Family Saga to all readers who love suspenseful stories. I love the way Clever provided valuable information with plenty of details. Reviewed by: Tekisha less
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Amazing...kept me riveted! Read in less than 24 hrs...on to part 3!!!
Really good followup to part one I have a new favorite author
Excellent!!! This saga is a must read.
Loved Loved Loves It!!!!
Loved loved loved it!
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