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The Holland Family Saga Part One: They Don't Mind Dying (2012)

by Clever Black(Favorite Author)
4.47 of 5 Votes: 2
0985350903 (ISBN13: 9780985350901)
Clever Black Books
review 1: When I first begin reading this book I was about to put it down. I felt it was a little too descriptive therefore making the story long and drown out. One I got about thirty percent I was in for the long haul. The book was well worth the time I spent reading it. I truely enjoyed this book after I got beyond the descriptions. I am excited about reading the next book into the series. Great Job Clever Black
review 2: *takes deep breath* This book is worth every one of those five stars plus some...LOL! I loved this book from the beginning till the end I was hooked. OMG...I loved how this book gave you the back story to all the success...It told where they came from, how they triumphed, and what was left when all the smoke cleared. From this book I felt the raw e
... moremotion from the characters...I found myself laughing, crying, fighting and loving with them. At the end of this book I felt like I was an honorary member of The Holland Family Gang..LOL! I will say that it was a little to detailed when it came to cars and clothes the characters purchased...but I still loved it. If you have not read this book you are seriously missing out...Clever Black did the damn thing in this one:) Patiently waiting on part 2! less
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This book was real good, I laugh cried and cried some more. I can't wait ti finish part 2.
i read this book and cannot wait for part two.
FIRE can't wait to see how it works out
great read just long
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