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Addicted To You (2000)

by Colina Brennan(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Since Leah doesn't do relationships but she needs sex to feel better about her life she thinks it is fine to bring random strangers back to her place whenever she feels the need. So even though she doesn't know these guys she was shocked when one of them robs the apartment while she is passed out. Her roommate makes her go to sex addicts meetings to atone. Here she meets Will who slowly and painstakingly shows her that she can do relationships.Which would be all well and good except that I could not stand Leah...at all. She was a whiny little brat who believed everyone should just deal with her ridiculous attitude. And though Will came across as likable there is clearly something wrong with him for wanting anything to do with Leah. And the whole side story of Finn an... mored Kat just didn't work for me. It's ok that Kat is a complete bitch because she actually is attracted to Finn....just bleh.
review 2: Okay, so my track record with New Adult books isn't that great. However, Addicted to You caught my eye. The idea of sex addiction was intriguing - I mean, where is the line drawn between enjoying sex and being addicted to it? I couldn't wait to start reading it.After a one-night-stand burgles her apartment, Leah's friend Helena sends her to attend twenty sessions at a sex addicts class. In denial but accepting her fate, Leah attends these classes just wanting to get those twenty sessions over and done with. What she didn't bank on was a new addict walking in nineteen sessions later. With a gorgeous body and mesmerizing blue eyes, Leah is instantly attracted to this boy - but what she doesn't know is that Will isn't actually an addict. As a psychology major, Will is posing as a sex addict to gain inside information on the therapy sessions for an article. But can he continue on when he begins to grow attracted towards his fellow sex addict?One thing that really stuck out for me was how tame this novel actually was. I swear the New Adult genre is basically YA combined with a lot of sex - and although Addicted to You contained sex (I mean, read the blurb - sex addiction kind of gives it away) it was actually incredibly tame. Leah and Will didn't instantly jump each other, something I found pleasing and annoying at exactly the same time. A novel can be tame without being slow, but Addicted to You was slow. There were moments where I just wanted to grab the two characters and smash them together - like, have sex already! Which is a first for me, trust me. less
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