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Love In Maine (2013)

by Connie Falconeri(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
1401305385 (ISBN13: 9781401305383)
review 1: Ohmysweetbabymonkeys if this is how general hospital is I can see why it has lasted all these years on tv. The love story is so wonderful to read about.Hank poor guy doesn’t know what hit him when sassy fiery Maddie walks in his mom house. He is troubled and haunted by his past and doesn’t know how to deal yet and whoosh in comes Maddie. Maddie who is energy galore. Always sunshiney and happy maddie who lets you know what she thinks and what she wants bowls Hank over and overwhelms him with this way of being. deep inside Hank is a wonderful sweet man that you just want to cuddle with like your teddy bear.Maddie, who is in Maine on a bet from her sexy sweet brother. is a determined and stubborn woman and tries not to fall for Hank. And what happens she falls for the gu... morey head over heals.Watching them interact and try to deal with one another is so sweet and at times aggravating. You want to tell them just get together and deal already. When they finally come together it is so tender and beautiful be prepared for tissues when their final weekend comes. Also the ending will have you bawling.what is great is the writing has you longing for there happiness and the intimacy is seen without being completely written in detail. This allows you to feel the tenderness without vivid details so your imagination is allowed to be used.A wonderful summer read and will want you coming back for the second book.
review 2: I generally don't read romance novels but I came across this book as a publishing promo and I gave it a chance. Definitely had a good premise and good character ideas, but terrible execution. Story didn't bring me in and the dialogue was not very believable. In the end, I remembered why I don't read romance novels--but I don't think it was the romance aspect that turned me off of it. I guess I'm not sure what else could have been expected from a book written by a fictional soap opera character... less
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This is going to be your next love story to read. One word: CUTE!!!!!
This book was amazing! I loved it!
This was a great story .
Can't wait for part 2
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