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Know Me (2014)

by Cora Brent(Favorite Author)
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Cora Brent
Defiant Motorcycle Club
review 1: This was just not for me. In a word - mediocre. The writing was good and the characters were solid, just not likable. The story line and the romance was just all kinds of wrong for me. The female lead was way too weak and needy. And the male lead was ignoble and unprincipled. I am all for bad boy bikers that lack some morality, but they have to have some redeeming qualities. The story was told well, and it flowed evenly, just couldn't find anything really likable. I love the idea of the MC romance and unscrupulous bad boy bikers that do wicked things to the heroine, but the age difference and the past relationship between the characters really bothered me.
review 2: This was my first read of a motorcycle club romance but as I'm a fan of Sons of Anarchy I knew I
... more was going to enjoy it. There's action from the get-go and it doesn't take long to be enveloped in the dark world of the Defiant MC. I adored the relationship between the main characters and was really sad when the book came to an end. I'm glad there are more to get my teeth into. Would recommend! less
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So glad I discovered Cora Brent loving all her books :)))
Seemed a little fast, but enjoyed the story.
Quick read not a bad storyline.
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