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No Kid: Quarante Raisons De Ne Pas Avoir D'enfant (2008)

by Corinne Maier(Favorite Author)
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2290007536 (ISBN13: 9782290007532)
J'ai lu
review 1: All my life I was basically conditioned (by society, not my parents surprisingly) that I was to get married and then have children when I grew up. Back in my school days even divorced parents were a scandal. But as I grew older I gave up first on the idea of marriage and eventually the nagging thoughts about adopting a child went away completely when I was given an adorable six month old rabbit to care for. What was supposed to be a few months until my co worker found a new home has turned into a lifetime and now he is my baby and my parents only grandchild and we all like it that way. Despite feeling happy with the choices I made in my life my boss is one of those baby crazed types. She constantly talks about her children most of our meetings are spent talking about ... moredance recitals and potty training. After so much nagging about how depressing and isolated (her actual words) my life has to be I did what I always do and turned to the nearest bookstore to look for books that proved I wasn't crazy, that my life wasn't depressing because there wasn't a child in it. I found a bunch of books and ordered them. I decided to start with this one for a few reasons, it's short and a quicker read, the fact that the author is a mother was truly intriguing and frankly I liked the cover. Overall I was happy with this book. It made me feel better about the choices I have made in my life. I thought a lot about my own parents and what my brother and I must've put them through when we were growing up. Frankly once I read this book I felt empathy for all parents. It takes an extremely special, kind and patient person to raise a child, even more so if you have more than one and I felt a great deal of respect for parents everywhere for taking on that job. I don't know if that was what the author was trying to say, but that's what I got out of the book. There were amusing parts of the book and I can see why it stirred controversy. Recommended to anyone who is trying to decide if they want kids, or those who have already decided not too. But if you are one of those women like my boss I would suggest you stay away from this one.
review 2: Great book when you don't want to have children and find yourself in the stress of dealing with everyone else in the world that has a viewpoint on WHY you don't want them. It gives the reality point of view of what it takes and what it takes from with having kids, and the things that you've already thought about but "socially" aren't supposed to say in public to others.If you don't want children - this book is a must read! less
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Entertaining. Many of the jokes don't translate; the author resides in France.
that is was going to be much funnier....it droned on too much to be funny....
un peu court mais bien vu ! à ne pas prendre au 1er degré, évidemment...!
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