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Mit Zähnen Und Klauen (2014)

by Craig DiLouie(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
Luzifer Verlag
review 1: A nice and short book. It's the second "zombie" book I've read (first one was World War Z).The basis of the story is simple like others of the genre, but I think it fails to add more to it. Being surrounded by thousands of infected and feeling hopeless is almost all they can talk about. I liked how they add the element of fighting against desertion from the army, which I haven't seen much in other books.It's a little more than OK book for guy that enjoys the zombie genre without beeing a fan.
review 2: Let's face it. We run woefully low on any type of decent zombie book. I find myself slumming from book to book hoping to find a zombie story that isn't terrible. Until the day arrives where we have a plethora of great stories on a consistent basis, we have to scr
... moreap by on what we can find.With that in mind, this story is not great, but at least enjoyable. It had plenty of action, and I didn't find myself being too annoyed with either terrible characters or ridiculous plot developments. Not to say that this book is devoid of those things, because it's not, but it's at least tolerable.I liked following around with the military in this story, as it's not done as nearly as much as the survivor perspective. I'm an Army veteran, so it was fun to follow these guys around from skirmish to skirmish. I tried to be not too critical of the military tactics or the "cordite" issue, as I want to enjoy the book and not get hung up on crap like that, although the constant cordite reference did start to bother me.All in all, if you are looking for a decent zombie book, where you get to ride along with an Army unit to battle the zombie hoards than you will enjoy this book. Be prepared though, as it's not a great book, but definitely serviceable. less
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I'm going to seek out more of this author's work!
Excellent. Vivid and torrentially fucked up.
Loved this book I didn't want it to end!
Scared the hell out of me!!
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