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Buzzed: The Straight Facts About The Most Used And Abused Drugs From Alcohol To Ecstasy (2014)

by Cynthia Kuhn(Favorite Author)
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0393344517 (ISBN13: 9780393344516)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: This will be required reading for my kids as they enter junior high! Anyone who uses a drug can describe how it makes them feel, but do they really know how it is affecting their brain and their body? Short term? Long term? It also explains why drugs make people act a certain way. (Example: Some drugs affect the part of the brain that forms plans for the future. Someone using these drugs may eat at a restaurant and acknowledge that they like the food at the restaurant but are unable to form the thought, "I'd like to come back to this restaurant.") The author claims to take no moral stance on the consumption of drugs or alcohol but after reading this, you'll definitely think twice! Very informative.
review 2: I bought this book for someone else, but read a few c
... morehapters that interested me before I gave it to her. This is a striaghforward, non-partisian book that just gives you the straight facts. Its doesnt glamourize drugs or give a horror show frightening spin to them either. It is scientific without dumbing things down or making the text too dense and scholarly to comprehend and follow. My favorite thing about the book was how whenever they made examples they used "her" (her brain, her liver) instead of "his" - you never see that less
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Very informative, well researched and well written for its intended audience.
I read this for my drugs and human behavior class...very interesting.
This was a really informative book.
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