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The Dark God's Bride Trilogy, #3 (2000)

by Dahlia L. Summers(Favorite Author)
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The Dark God's Bride
review 1: I am just going to review all 3 books on here since I bought them as a bundle and read them within 3 days(too lazy to go to each book).Sooooo the first book was my favorite and I think the most amusing and entertaining one in the trilogy. I love how the author paints us the pictures of Amara and Summit, I have to admit every time I read the banter between the two of them I had to laugh. The book was witty with characters that are like fire and water and yet they complement each other and it just works. The read was easy and fast paced and of course Amara and Summits antics made the book so much better,I loved Amaras spunk in the first book because she gave as good as she got,she is my kind of girl.Summit was hilarious as the half mad deity.......poor bugger tried so hard t... moreo instill fear instead he often came across as childish(still loved him).Book two was pretty good as well. I hate hate Nala ugh she should go and jump off of a cliff for all I care......Trent was all right and poor guy didn't deserve the crazy Nala stalking him. I felt as if by the end of the 2nd book Amara lost some spunk and it made for a less amusing read, I understand that she was at a point of being terrified of Summit but Jeez come on give the guy some credit,he mostly listened to her and her requests. The ending of the 2nd book was excellent if that didn't prove his love for her well then I don't know what did.All right then which brings me to the 3rd and final book of the dark God's Bride Trilogy. In my opinion the final book was my least favorite and the weakest in the series, I felt like the plot line was rushed and Amara again lost a bit more of her spunk,she came across as childish and much more stubborn in this book which definitely does not suit her character. As I mentioned above if the ending to book two didn't prove Summits love for Amara I don't know what would.......wait a minute his descent to hell to get her back upped one up on the whole "what I wouldn't do for love" thing. I gave this book a 4 star rating based on all the 3 books I read because I feel that a 4 star is fair since it was a entertaining read with funny and heartfelt characters. ****Is it just me or was the fake pregnancy issue never cleared up????****
review 2: This could just be me, but did Amara ever tell Noctis about her fake pregnancy? I did end up skipping over some parts, mostly the ones with Nala because I really didnt like her in book one or two. I should probably go back and read those parts since she may have died or something...I can't say I would be crying if that were the case.Actually, I kinda hated that Nala and Trent got married. I didn't like them as a couple at all. I especially hated that apparently all the guys who met her fell in love with her. I mean come on, everyone? I will concede that this is probably just because I hate Nala.I can't believe she told Noctis Amara was pregnant in the last book. That is so cruel. It really pissed me off. I hate reading about fake pregnancy deceptions.I liked how Amara's character was able to make friends with all her previous captors, i just thought that was really cool. Nicely done, not overly dramatic insta love shit there.I dont have much problem with Mara's character apart from the fake pregnancy thing, which I stated earlier that I hated. I think I probably liked her best in the first book.Nictos seemed less crazy possessive in this book which was cool, although he didnt really change much. Through out the trilogy his attitude towards Amara had me thinking his possessiveness almost seemed like that of a physical abuser. Don't ask me why, since he never hit her. Thats just what I was thinking.I saw Dahlia Summers other trilogy was about Kali so I was interested in reading it, but then I realised there must be a love triangle in there somewhere because of Chevalier. I loathe those.Anyway, good book, good trilogy, pretty good characters. It was a nice read. less
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I've really loved this series and a brilliant book to end on.
Love the twists and turns in this book.
Wow I really enjoyed this book
4.5 Stars!
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