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Fangs Of Anarchy - Killing The Alpha (2014)

by Dakota Cassidy(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 2
Dakota Cassidy
Fangs of Anarchy—Forbidden Alpha
review 1: WOW this was a ride! This is sure to be my new obsession. Clair is to be mated to her Alpha. A man she hates and does everything in her power to stop it. Irish is the man she fantasizes about. With the reality live up to the fantasy. Once I started this story I couldn't put it down. It was sexy, funny, and had edge of you're seat suspense. I am loving this world Cassidy has created and can't wait to explore more of it.
review 2: Does end in a cliffhanger but OMG this was a damn good book. Werewolves and Vampires, Romeo and Juliet type story. Irish is the president of Fang, vampire biker club, he has been secretly been in love with Claire a werewolf for over 5 years, as long as she has been wanting Irish. But her intended mate the president/ alpha of her pack a
... morend MC the Dogs did something and she killed him. Lets me just say Irish is a hardcore biker but if anyone messes with his love they better look out, even when her pack knows she killed the alpha, Irish will cover for her. I cant wait to read the others, Dakota mix my favorites stories together, bikers that grow hair and fangs to draw blood. less
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Dakota delivers an intriguing story that leaves you wanting the next one. A must read.
This is my first Dakota Cassidy book, and I loved it. I'll definitely be reading more.
I can't believe I actually heard "evil soap opera" music in my head at the end...
Pretty good cliff hanger. I guess I'll have to buy book 2.
cliff hangers are not nice Dakota!
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