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Though Mountains Fall (2013)

by Dale Cramer(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 5
0764208403 (ISBN13: 9780764208409)
Bethany House Publishers
Daughters of Caleb Bender
review 1: This book is very gritty, there is hurt, fighting, violence..the valley has traded bandits for federals, the bandits came back for blood on Miriam and Domingo's wedding day, lucky the amish managed to get behind the walls of the hacienda to safety, the bandits would have burned, raped and killed the amish families if the federals hadn't turned up when the my did the bandits might have succeeded. The federals turn out to be as bad as the bandits for taking stock and livestock, but no more bandits...Jake finds out he has a mans death on his hands and is sent bk to Ohio to go before the bishop, Rachel goes with him so she can be baptised. While she's there she meants a young bishop and tells him about the many wonderful things are going in paradise valley since the bandits ar... moree gone.When jake comes back to the valley the bishop comes with him, Rachel and jake can now be married...but caleb is brought into another mans business when his wife come to caleb for help late one night her children went in search of their father who liked to drink with the federals, but now all three have not come home. Caleb finds the children and boy and girl, beaten severely, raped and left for dead...when caleb brings it to the attention of the captain of the federals he takes it very seriously, he invites caleb to his office one morning caleb invites the children's father and the bishop, they do not realise they are there to witness an execution until it's to late...The bishop cannot condone the killing if men, he cannot live in paradise valley an longer, without a bishop they have no church, the new amish settlement is no more, they must return to Ohio, the girls are heartbroken to be leaving Miriam behind they know they may never see her again, but caleb stands by the ban.I'm not going to give away more of this story and there is so much more. A wonderful read
review 2: I have been a life-long reader and as unbelievable as it is to a lot of people, I easily fit from 8-10 books into my reading schedule each week. To think that I never knew about Dale Cramer's "The Daughters of Caleb Bender" until last week causes me to have some regrets. I will read this series of books over and over throughout the coming years.This third book in the series spends a lot of time developing the romance between Miriam and Domingo. Although Domingo doesn't have a lot to recommend himself as far as finances, "quality" family heritage or even respect from what might be considered his betters, Domingo is one of the strongest heroes I have had the blessing to read about. He has a sense of pride in his own heritage even though he is of mixed blood and considered very low on the totem pole in his society. When push comes to shove, he always stands up for what he believes in and has a gentle grace about his person that is simply fascinating. He typifies what every woman would want in her own "Warrior."Miriam is a sweetheart and has the courage to make some decisions that are very difficult to say the least. I can't say that I was happy with everything in this book but that's because it's written as though it was about "real life" and very often "real life" doesn't pan out the way we dreamed it would. No, we take the good with the heartbreak but we always look to the future with hope in our hearts and do the best we can with what is on our plate much like the good folks in this book.Although there are some things I disagree with regarding the Amish beliefs, I also find much to commend the Amish relative to their beliefs and culture. My heart is a little sad that this series has come to an end - a sure sign that it is a very compelling book. Thank you Mr. Dale Cramer for taking the time to write this books. less
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Good book. Want to find the one thrones that startedtheseries.
Amish in Mexico discover soldiers are as bad as bandits
Really great resolution to the trilogy.
Good book.
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